Goa Sightseeing With Sunset Cruise And Dinner Cruise Party

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Absolutely, here's an updated two-day itinerary that includes your specific sightseeing locations in South Goa and North Goa, along with the sunset cruise and luxury dinner cruise party:

Day 1: South Goa Exploration with Sunset Cruise


  • Start your day with breakfast at your accommodation.
  • Depart for your guided South Goa sightseeing tour at 9:00 AM.

South Goa Sightseeing:

  • Visit Mangeshi Temple and Balaji Temple to experience the spiritual side of Goa.
  • Proceed to the Boat Cruise experience, which offers a unique perspective of the scenic coastline.
  • Visit the Panjim Church and enjoy its historical and architectural significance.
  • Have lunch at a local restaurant.


  • Head to Miramar Beach for some relaxation and scenic views.
  • Enjoy the Dolphin Trip to see these playful creatures in their natural habitat.

Sunset Cruise:

  • Depart for the sunset cruise at 5:00 PM to ensure you're on time.
  • Enjoy the serene beauty of the Mandovi River as the sun sets from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM.


  • After the cruise, have a leisurely dinner at a riverside restaurant.

Day 2: North Goa Sightseeing and Luxury Dinner Cruise Party


  • Have breakfast and start your North Goa sightseeing tour at 9:00 AM.

North Goa Sightseeing:

  • Visit the famous Anjuna Beach and soak in its vibrant atmosphere.
  • Explore the scenic Vagator Beach and consider visiting the Snow Park (additional charge of 400) if interested.
  • Proceed to Baga Beach for more beachside enjoyment.
  • Visit Sinquerim Beach and then Fort Aguada for panoramic views.


  • Have lunch at a local eatery.

Late Afternoon:

  • Return to your accommodation to relax and freshen up.

Luxury Dinner Cruise Party:

  • Get ready for the luxury dinner cruise party.

Boarding and Welcome:

  • Arrive at the pier by 8:45 PM to board the luxury dinner cruise.

Dinner and Entertainment:

  • Enjoy the lavish dinner buffet and live entertainment from 8:45 PM onwards.

Cruising and Mingling:

  • Cruise along the coastline and enjoy the party atmosphere.

Late Night:

  • After the dinner cruise party, return to your accommodation.


South Goa sightseeing
North Goa Sightseeing
Sunset Cruise Party
Luxury Dinner Cruise Party
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What is the significance of Mangeshi Temple and Balaji Temple in South Goa?
Mangeshi Temple is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, known for its intricate architecture and spiritual ambiance. Balaji Temple, also called the Venkateswara Temple, is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara and holds cultural and spiritual importance for devotees.
How long does the sunset cruise last and what can I expect?
Sunset cruises typically last around 1.5 to 2 hours. During the cruise, you'll enjoy serene river views, the beauty of the setting sun, and possibly even spot playful dolphins. Some cruises offer entertainment, music, and refreshments on board.
What is the Snow Park in North Goa, and is it worth the extra charge?
The Snow Park is an indoor attraction that simulates a snowy environment, allowing visitors to experience winter activities like snowball fights and building snowmen. It's a unique experience in a tropical setting, but whether it's worth the extra charge depends on your interests.
What can I expect during the luxury dinner cruise party?
The luxury dinner cruise party offers a sophisticated evening aboard an elegant vessel. You'll enjoy a lavish dinner buffet with a variety of cuisines, live entertainment, and stunning views of the coastline. Dancing, mingling, and a festive atmosphere are part of the experience.
Are there vegetarian options available during the dinner cruises?
Yes, most dinner cruises offer vegetarian options as part of their buffet. It's advisable to inform the cruise operator about your dietary preferences when making a reservation to ensure they can accommodate your needs.
What clothing should I pack for the Goa journey?
Pack comfortable clothing suitable for weather, sunglasses, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes. Bring a change of attire for the dinner cruise, which usually calls for semi-formal or smart-casual attire.
Can I capture photos during the tours and cruises?
Yes, you're welcome to take photos during your tours and cruises to capture the breathtaking landscapes, cultural experiences, and memorable moments. Just be considerate of local customs and guidelines, especially in sacred areas.


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Very Good
Mohit Singh

Mohit Singh

Feb 2024

Cruise and Sightseeing Amazing Experience

Goa Cruise and Sightseeing offer an amazing experience. The boat ride was fantastic, and I highly recommend it. Their service was wonderful, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone. Thumbs up!
Dhwani agarwal

Dhwani agarwal

Feb 2024

It's beautiful

The Church in Goa radiates beauty and elegance, showcasing the region's captivating art and culture. Accompanied by a museum, our visit during the rainy season added a unique charm to the Church.
Anil Dube

Anil Dube

Jan 2024

Delightful Experience

Goa sightseeing offered breathtaking views, a serene sunset cruise added tranquility, while a vibrant dinner cruise party heightened the experience. An unforgettable blend of beauty, relaxation, and excitement.
Hrithik Yadav

Hrithik Yadav

Jan 2024

Sunset Cruise, Sightseeing, and Dinner Party Extravaganza

The Goa Sightseeing, Sunset Cruise, and Dinner Party surpassed expectations. A perfect blend of cultural exploration, scenic beauty, and a lively dinner cruise, creating an unforgettable and enriching experience. Highly recommended
Nitin Yadav

Nitin Yadav

Jan 2024

Goa Trip

JoyGoa provided an exceptional Goa sightseeing experience, complete with a breathtaking sunset cruise and a delightful dinner cruise party. Impeccable service, stunning views, and memorable. moments made it a truly joyous adventure.
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